About Us

Hello, I'm Miley, the founder of Miley Charms, a maternity clothing brand based in Canada. During my first pregnancy, the struggle to find clothing that seamlessly combined comfort and style sparked the idea for this small business. Beginning with bump-friendly dresses, we've expanded to include stretchy jeans, and today, we proudly step onto the international stage.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple - to provide expectant mothers with a wardrobe that celebrates their unique glow and empowers them to embrace their changing bodies with confidence. We aim to alleviate concerns about negative body image during pregnancy and boost confidence for active social participation.

Our Differences

Comfort is our cornerstone. Teaming up with a renowned factory in Wujiang, China, celebrated for its expertise in crafting cotton and various fabrics, we ensure an unmatched level of comfort in every piece.

Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics—we design maternity wear grounded in a scientific understanding of pregnant belly growth. This ensures not just style, but health, catering to the daily needs of active and quality lifestyles. With Miley Charms, you won't have to compromise between fashion and function; our garments seamlessly marry the two for a truly unique and exceptional experience.

At Miley Charms, we are more than a maternity dress brand; we are your companions throughout this incredible journey. Whether you're attending a special event or simply enjoying a day out, our dresses are meticulously crafted to make you feel stunning and confident.

  • "I got an XL for being 28 weeks pregnant but a large would have fit also. They have stretch to them! Good quality and super cute"

  • "Great elegant dress ! loved it "

  • "Love the dress. The fabric is good. Perfect dress for my baby shower"

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